Friday, November 18, 2011

Flat Burlap Fringe

I recently made a few things out of burlap and was thinking to myself "what can I do with all the scraps?"  I hate to see scraps of fabrics I love go to waste!  Sometimes it takes me days, weeks, or even months to come up with something to do with leftover scraps, but not this time.  I knew right away I wanted to make some flat burlap fringe to adorn things.
Here's a Pendant lamp shade I covered in burlap and decided to add this flat burlap fringe was perfect to cover my stitching.
I glued ribbon down the middle of the fringe to finish it off.
I cut strips about 50" long x 2" wide....I just followed the grain of the burlap to cut them straight.  I did 3 strips per finished fringe, but you could do more layers to make it fuller.

Stack the 3 strips on top of eachother, lining them up as perfectly as possible and pin them together every 6" or so.

Stitch 2 row of stitching down the center long ways.  I stitched mine 7/8" from one side and then turned the burlap around and stitched 7/8" from the other edge.  This gave me 1/4" in between the two rows.

This part was very messy and I suggest doing it outside.  Just start pulling and removing the woven fibers of from the long edge.  Remove all the fibers up to your stitching line, then remove the fibers from the 2nd and 3rd layers.  When you're finished with one long edge, do the same for the other long edge.
There ya go!!  Flat Burlap Fringe to adorn all kinds of projects!  I could so see this down the edge of some Burlap curtain panels or adorning a cute bolster pillow!  I glued ribbon down the center of mine to hide the stitching, but I think it could be left just in the raw and look very natural.
Don't throw out all the long fibers you removed from the burlap strips.....I have an upcoming project for those too!  I guess I'm in a "waste nothing" kind of mood!
Here's a stocking I decided to try it on too....the possibilities are endless! Pin It

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