Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Venetian Hotel

Out of the blue a few weeks ago I got a call from a lady up in LA who had been commissioned to make over a hundred banners for the Venetian Hotel on a very short deadline.
The job was to be worked on in a warehouse in LA and we had 2 days to make 148 banners.
These banners ranged from very small 6" wide x 30" long to massive ones that were 96" wide x 240" long.
Since I'm always interested in doing something out of the norm, I agreed to pack up my sewing machine and tools and head to LA.

I spent 2 long 14 hour days sewing away on these banners not knowing what the final project was even going to look like or what these banners would be used for.
But in the warehouse next door, these HUGE masquerade masks were being crafted by some VERY talented artists.  I was told that these banners were going to hang from these masks as part of the Venetian Hotels Summer Decor.

Well, it just so happen that the following week I had plans to take a small trip to Las Vegas and so I knew I would get the opportunity then to see my finished work displayed.
The Hotel was still in the process of hanging all these masks and banners, so not all of them were displayed, but here's pictures of the ones that were.

A few masks with banners were displayed indoors.

Some of the masks and banners were hung from the light posts out in front of the hotel.

The Big Bad Boy hangs right out in front of the hotel.
The crew was still working on putting up the lights and perfecting the over all look.

The crew attaching the lights.

It was a tiresome but fun job to work on!
So if you make it out to Vegas this summer, be sure to go by the Venetian Hotel and check out the these truly amazing works of art! 
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