Monday, January 9, 2012

Easy Pillow with Rope Button

I'm changing pillows out around my house again.  I do this often!!  As my mood changes so do the pillows around my house.  For the last 2 weeks we've had spring like weather here in Southern California, yep in January we are in the 70's.  It has me thinking about summer and the beach and so it's time to make some summer inspired pillows.

This one is really easy.

  This pillow is 20"x20" when finished.
What you'll need: 1 yd of fabric, matching zipper, 20" pillow fill and a large button (or you could make this one) I've given the link on how to make this one towards the end of this post.

For the front you will need to cut 1 piece @ 21"x9"  for the top flap(1)
                                                  1 piece @ 21"x 16" for the bottom half(2)
                                                  1 piece @ 21"x2 1/4" for the facing(3)
                                                  1 piece @ 8"x1 1/2" for the button loop(4)
For the back you will need to cut 1 piece @ 22"x22"(5)

Press the loop piece(4) in fourths lengthwise, first by pressing in half.

Then press the long edges again up to the fold line.

Then fold at original pressing fold and pin.

Set this aside for a minute, since we're at the ironing table we might as well press the long edge of the facing(3) too.  Press 1/2" up on one of the long edges of the facing.

Now head on over to your sewing machine and top stitch the loop piece.
Find the center of the pillow top flap(1) and mark it with a pin.  With the right side up, fold your loop in half and pin it to the center of the top flap.  ( measure your loop against the button you will be using and adjust it smaller if you need to)  I adjusted mine by about an inch.
Using a 3/8" seam allowance, stitch back and forth over the loop to secure it.

Now with right sides together pin the unpressed edge of  your facing(3) to the lower edge of the top flap(1).
Stitch using a 1/2" seam allowance.
Press facing towards the wrong side of the top flap and pin.
Top stitch along folded edge of facing.  Try to stitch this as straight and nice as possible because this will show on the front of your pillow. 
Here's a sewing tip:  Use painters tape to put on your throat plate as a stitching guide when your stitching needs to be farther away from the edge.
Serge the top edge of your front bottom piece(2) and press under a 1/2" to the wrong side. Top stitch.
Lay your front pillow pieces out and with the top flap over the bottom front and until the height is 21". Pin.
Figure the placement of your button and hand sew it in place now. Directions for how to make the Rope Button I used can be found here:   DIY Large Rope Button

All you have left to do is insert a zipper and stitch up the top and sides.  You can find those steps here:
Basic Pillow Instructions

Happy pillow making! Pin It


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